welcome to planet tara

January 4, 2016


What:  The Launch of taratandlich.com

Where:  Upper West Side, New York City.  January 4, 2016  

Launch Conditions:  All systems go 

Countdown:  T minus 4 minutes, 48 seconds and counting at  

9:26 am EDT.  We’re on time at the present time for a planned

lift off.  Launch team, Launch Operations Manager, Test

Supervisor and Test Launch Vehicle Conductor report: go for



Assorted nouns, adjectives, verbs and the occasional semi-

colon and I are thrilled to take our first virtual step into cyber

space.  Some people, on their initial blog post, promise to 

write frequently.

   I am not one of them. 

My reason is not due to other, pressing commitments, though

those do exist.  It’s not due to job responsibilities, though that,

too, hovers above me like a drone with a pay check.

   My reason is this: the invasion of unfriendly technical aliens.

These few, short (though vibrant) lines have taken me an

inordinate amount of time to coax into the WordPress

stratosphere.  Fonts morphed into undesirable sizes.  Plugins

popped up, like unwanted house guests.  Text faded from black

to grey.  

   And back again.  Twice.


   No idea.

Regardless, I have arrived and I will post again.

   I’m just not sure when.

While I learn how to navigate my literary lunar module over

technical terrain, and also grasp cyber-speak, please visit my

What I Write page, on this site, for a glimpse of my novels.







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stairway to pumpkin heaven


is for ROCKTOBER 2017


                Stairway to Pumpkin Heaven

 “…your stairway lies on the whispering wind.”



Gourd Wisdom

“Ooh, it makes me wonder.”





                                                         Central Park Splendor 

                          “Yes, there are two paths you can go by, but in the long run

                                there’s still time to change the road you’re on.”

                                         Balloon Groupie contemplates produce

                                    “Ooh, it really makes me wonder.”


                                                First light from my window


                              “…and a new day will dawn for those who stand long.” 





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write & read



is for september 2017






                 The world is our canvas.  The sidewalks are our paper

                                        and our books:







So remember:

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old phones / new friends






is for AUGUST…. and another photo buffet, featuring:


 an impromptu sidewalk cafe      



      a new friend

         an old phone











pop art plants


     penguins, puffins and people










                                                          silhouettes and sunsets


is for August

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street corner ceremony


Is for…HEY!   It’s JULY 2017

July’s images, captured on the streets of

NYC, are also filled with potential

characters, conflicts and backstories.


downtown brooklyn:



Pop-up store set-up?

Art installation?

Leg Lovers League?

All three?




downtown brooklyn:


Bride on a Budget embracing a

street corner ceremony?  If so, are

they waiting to snag strangers to

act as best man, maid of honor

and officiant? Or, are they also an

art installation? Regardless, he’s

yawning. (See below)

That can’t be good.




Okay, maybe he’s singing.

But I doubt it.  







upper west side:



Human Candy Cane near Fairway

Market. Christmas in July?

Fashion statement?









 Diversity Flag on July 4th.                                                                        

Where can I buy one?







upper west side – Nature’s urban beauty

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an east harlem superhero




EY,  JUNE  2017 IS…




                                sneakers & sunsets














                  food sculpture/real sculpture














                          an east harlem superhero

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i carry, therefore i am



MAY 2017





New York City is a smorgasbord for finding potential characters, motivations and

conflicts for fiction writing. This month, the focus is on what people carry and why.  

Check out my photos.  Lots of questions raised that could work well in a novel.





Is he having a non-caloric sugar fix?  Connecting with his inner

Willie Wonka? Both?  Also, what’s inside?  Does it reflect the

external or is it diametrically opposed?  If so, does the disparity

foreshadow this character’s inner conflict?






Who are they?  Where are they

going? What are they carrying? 

Why? Do they know they’re

dressed alike?






This item wins in the Bulky Bundle category. Is he

feeling nostalgic for St. Patrick’s Day? Part of a

secret society that initiates its members by asking

them to carry bags that match their height?  

One wonders.



Also: are these people possibly on the way to meet each other?  Perhaps there’s a

club.  What’s it called?  What do they do there?  What would their website say?

Maybe this: Welcome to The Get Carried Away Alliance.com.   Are you chided for

carrying unusual items? Would you like to meet with like-minded individuals in a

nurturing, supportive environment?  Join us!  We offer free support groups, snacks

and coat/bag/odd item check.

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blue light in brooklyn

I cut almost 20 thousand words from my contemporary,

humorous, Women’s Fiction manuscript.  

   That’s a lot of letters needing a home.  

To celebrate spring, and the downsizing of my novel, I’ve

written a poem.  Okay, to be truthful, none of these

sentences were ever in the book, but why let perfectly

good letters go to waste?  Here’s to creative, literary

recycling.  See if you can match the images, below,

with those mentioned in the poem.  Special thanks

(but not) to those naughty cyber elves for their photo

mischief.  I tried to line up the photos in something that

vaguely represented a pleasing visual display.   The cyber

elves had other ideas. 













unexpected buttons                             

purple spring  

nature at the Natural History museum  

sunset near my street

a giant butterfly

almost-summer silhouettes

small child/big umbrella

blue light in Brooklyn

no more Ice Capades

happy spring 2017 NY  






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marzo mars maart march


 ARCH 2017


                where there’s street art:

hair art:  









                          and night art:


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28 days of opportunities










FEBRUARY IS 28 days of opportunities

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hats: a retrospective

 January 2016


Is for Celebration.

Why? It’s  the one year 

anniversary of my blog. 




To mark the occasion, I toss my imaginary hat in the air.  

Further, I take off my hat to other writers, who are also 

creating/editing novels, fine tuning query letters and pitching

literary agents.  


In the words of The Mary Tyler Moore Show‘s immortal hat

tosser, Mary Richards, we’re: “gonna make it after all.”


In keeping with the hat theme, I’ve created a Hat Parade.  

Cue one of my favorite marching songs, John Philip Sousa’s

Stars And Stripes Forever, as we view Hat # One: Focus

Faux Fedora. Discovered: On the Downtown 2 train.


At first I thought, could this hat be a sign from the universe?  

Was I not focused enough in my writing?  My life?  My laundry?  

Or, was I too focused?   I later found out that “Focus” was this

girl’s spelling word of the week.  As for my previous 

interpretation?  What can I say, I’m a Symbolism Groupie.


Hat # Two: Elf Cap.  Discovered: At the Upper West Side

Balloon Inflation. This definitely wins for largest head cover.  

Please join me in a four story round of applause for Elf on the

street, I mean shelf.



Hat # Three:

Automotive Chapeau

Discovered: On the Upper East

Side. This proves that any car is

improved by wearing a hat.

Hat # Four: Shag Rug Pseudo Sombrero.  Discovered: On

the Upper West Side. Homage to her favorite shag rug?  I think

so.  Unsure?  Check out the photo, below, for an uncanny, and

amusing, resemblance.

Actual Shag Rug:

Lots of hat potential here.  All you’d need is a chin strap and

maybe ear flaps, then this rug is runway ready.  Move over, 

Rachel Trevor Morgan, hat maker to Queen Elizabeth. 

Tara Tandlich, post-modern milliner, has arrived. 


And there’s this.  While not a head covering, it does cover the

entrance of Saks Fifth Avenue, like a giant fiberglass candy

scarf.  Presenting…..Snacks, I mean Saks.

Finally, here’s a more conventional, though still unusual hat,

which I’ve dubbed: The Canine Chanukka Cappello.  I didn’t

see it in New York, but I wish I did.  

Wishing everyone a New Year fillewith creativity, peace, joy

and headwear diversity.



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