what I write :

Humorous, contemporary fiction that appeals to readers who enjoy a spirited, thoughtfully written story, featuring characters who are funny, insightful and imperfect.  My books are:

New Adult/Upmarket Women’s Fiction:

Eager to enjoy a carefree and boyfriend-free summer, and succeed at her hectic job as an arts and crafts counselor at a day camp, grad student Savannah Strauss is challenged to learn what’s most important, while meeting a seriously cute custodian with a not-so-secret secret.

(The book is complete at 72,748 words.) 

              Upmarket Women’s Fiction:

Desperate for work after her bakery is forced to close, cake artist Kaige Jimenez accepts a job as personal assistant to a rock/reality star and single dad. Soon, she’s juggling jam sessions, juice boxes, new job jitters and Georgie, her employer’s surly bandmate/BFF, for whom she has an unexpected attraction.

  (The book is complete at  80,850 words.)

           MYSTERY AT 
            RADIO CITY
           MUSIC HALL 

               Middle Grade Mystery:
Impulsive, twelve-year-old Girl Scout Penny Markowitz is thrust into intrigue at New York City landmark Radio City Music Hall and risks getting expelled from her troop when she’s determined to help a former Rockette solve a time-sensitive mystery.  
(The book is complete at 34,638 words.)
                                       Picture Book:
            Rooster believes learning to boogie will zap the other
            animals out of their slump and restore their sparkle
            and spirit. Will Rooster succeed in transforming the
            barnyard into a ballroom? How will the farmers react? 
            Also, where did a country bird like Rooster learn to
            dance to rock and roll?
       (Written & Illustrated by Tara Tandlich. Complete at 843 words.)
All books are complete.