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                               Hang out here and discover:                                                                           who I am:

Tara Tandlich was awarded a Fellowship in Prose from the New Jersey State Council

on the Arts for her Young Adult fiction.  She is also a Bechtel Prize semi-finalist, awarded by Teachers & Writers Collaborative, for her essay on teaching creative writing and theatre to Regular Education, Gifted and Talented, ELL and Special Needs students.   

Tara's screenwriting has been broadcast on various programs. She wrote scripts for VH1, featuring pop artist Peter Max and musician Peter Noone, then traveled to Russia for the taping. Other TV writing and/or production credits: MTV, Nickelodeon and NBC’s Emmy winning Night Music, produced by Lorne Michaels and hosted by Grammy-winner David Sanborn.  Further, she has worked in professional, New York film and theatre production. Tara has also written both live action and animated scripts.  


Tara's non-fiction and fiction writing have appeared in various publications:; nyc-trend.comTeachers & Writers Collaborative magazine, and others. She was also the ghostwriter and writing coach for the memoir Breaking Eggs in New York City: The Story of Grossinger's Bakery and the Family Who Built It.   

Tara has also been hired as a Teaching Artist in: creative writing (prose, poetry, screenwriting, playwriting, fiction, non-fiction), film, visual art, literacy, creative movement and theatre. She has also partnered with classroom teachers to

co-teach and integrate the arts, State Standards and The Theory of Multiple Intelligences into various subjects, thus enriching and supporting classroom study.


Tara was born in New York, grew up in New Jersey and lives in New York. When she’s not writing, you may find her watching a movie, seeing a play, exploring museums and neighborhoods or drawing. She is currently writing a new novel, illustrating a new picture book and contemplating the circumference of organic blueberries.                                                                                                           

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